Does your site have an SSL certificate installed on it? If not, it is essential you install one as soon as possible as Google have started to penalise sites that do not have one. 

For a secure connection to take place between your computer and the website you are on, an SSL certificate is required to allow this type of communication to take place. All information will be encrypted between your device and the website in question. This is especially important if payment information is being exchanged or anything containing confidential data such as passwords or credit card numbers.

Beginning way back around June 2018, Google began to penalise sites which did not have the SSL certificate installed by displaying a Not Secure message in the browser and also by not featuring the site in question so high in the search engine results pages (SERPS).

Thankfully, it should not cost much at all to install one of these certificates but sadly many web hosts are still charging their customers for them – sometimes as much as $60 or more per year! It may not be illegal but it certainly seems unethical.

The Internet Security Research Group (a non-profit organisation) established the Let’s Encrypt program¬† with the aim of providing free SSL/TLS certificates for all.

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