Do you wish your WordPress site would load faster? 

I’m sure most people would answer in the affirmative to this question but the point is, if your site is not serving up web pages to your visitors quick time then you are missing out on potential customers and/or sales. That means it may well be affecting your bottom line!

Thankfully, there is much we can do to improve the speed of our WordPress sites and below is a list of 4 quick and easy ones… well, for the most part they are!

 1. Choose a faster web server

Ok, so if you are signed into a long-running contract with your current web host this may not be the easiest thing to do. As you may know there are several types of web servers out there including Internet Information Server aka IIS from Microsoft, Apache (open source, the most popular choice amongst web hosting companies) and LiteSpeed. LiteSpeed has been shown to be up to 10x faster than Apache so if you can swap to a different web host then you should see an immediate benefit.

2. Install a WordPress Caching Plugin

Again, there are many to choose from but if your web server is LiteSpeed then the LiteSpeed WordPress caching plugin is designed to work alongside the LiteSpeed Web Server for the maximum in speed improvements.

3. Sign up for a CDN (Content Delivery Network)

There are numerous CDNs available and for the most part they are very inexpensive.

The benefit of using a CDN is that it will place all of the files that make up your site – so that’s the CSS, Javascript, images etc – onto their network of datacentres all across the globe (Cloudflare have over 150 datacentres globally).

How does a CDN work? Let’s suppose your website is hosted on a server in Oklahoma and a visitor arrives at your site from Germany. Rather than all the files be delivered to the visitor in Germany, they are instead downloaded from the closest datacentre to the visitor. Having the Railgun feature takes it one step further by improving the connections between the datacentres and your web host.

 The one we use at JNMHost is from Cloudflare but we also use their Railgun feature due to a relationship woith the company, which is only normally available with their Business Plan at a cost of $200 per month (included with all JNMHost plans). This provides a further boost to the page load time of your site.

4. Choose a web host that uses Solid State Drives (SSDs)

Solid State Drives are significantly faster than their mechanical counterparts and altough the web hosting community is catching up, there are still many, many web hosts that make use of the outdated and slow, traditional hard drives which will affect the time it takes for your site to load.

It is estimated that for each additional second it takes for your site to load, you lose between 10 and 20% of your visitors. This is serious business indeed!

I’ll be posting a YouTube video in the next day or two on this very subject so please be sure to check it out.